Rev. Eric D. Barksdale

Senior Pastor
In May of 1996, Rev. Barksdale was called to serve as Acting Pastor of the St. Charles Baptist Church, Washington, DC.  In August of that same year, he was elected as the second pastor in the history of the church.  During his tenure a... more

Rev. Louie G. Jenkins

Assistant to the Pastor
Rev. Jenkins has served our Senior Pastor Barksdale for 16 yrs. He assist the senior pastor in fulfilling his role as the primary spiritual leader, vision caster, pastor, and teacher of the church. He also assist the senior pastor with projects as... more

Rev. Harold Alexander

Pastoral Teaching Assistant
Rev. Alexander has been a great asset to the St. Charles Baptist Church. He is an excellent teachers who knows the Word of GOD. He teaches adult church school and leads our Tuesday evening prayer ministry He also assist in leading the church servi... more